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PERMUTATIONS furniture set is an ensemble of modular wall elements, designed and developed together with Zoltán Krémer. 

You can find more info about the set under collaborations.

MIL_1659b_72 dpi.jpg

sound furniture

In 2021, we had the opportunity to present our brand and products to the public as part of Milano Design Week. "Sound furniture" was made especially for this event. The three-part set consists of a sideboard with a built-in stereo amplifier and two floor speakers.

In its design, the primary consideration was that the objects be made exclusively from the plywood we produce, showing as much of their composition as possible. We wanted the visual character of the furniture to be defined by the interplay of the edges of the plywood.

Another important element of the concept was to enrich the visitor experience with musical quality in addition to the visuals. Since we were preparing for a group exhibition, we also had to take into account to stand out from the traditionally "silent" material of the other participants. Besides the storage functions, the set organically includes an amplifier that can be connected to various hi-fi equipment.

The sound engineering is the work of Attila Bese (Alisca Orange).

MIL_1678_72 dpi.jpg
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